Our range of dwarf hybrid sunflowers, bred in Australia, can be used in small containers, with or without plant growth regulators. Alternatively, they can be used as attractive bedding plants at the front or middle of a border.

Being pollenless enables the flowers to keep their shape, colour and form for longer.

A lack of pollen makes them less allergenic when the flowers are brought into the home. They do however produce abundant nectar and so attract beneficial insects. In addition, they will set seeds in a garden situation if open pollinated varieties are grown nearby. Our varieties have a range of colours, heights and flower forms. 

  • Eos F1
  • Micro Sun F1
  • Happy Face F1
  • Lemon Party F1
  • Rio Carnival F1
  • Sunshot Golds

You can download our Sunflowers for Pots Brochure from our Brochure Downloads page